Recent Talks

David Hewitt: The letters of the Apostle John (introduction)

David gives some background to John and explores the intimate relationship he had with the God-Man Jesus, introducing his three NT letters.

Rod Williams: The Undiluted Gospel

Rod Williams provides a great overview of the essence of the Gospel

Dr Baxter Kruger: Trinitarian thoughts on the Creed

Following on from a day conference on the Jewish Trinity, Baxter refers to the Nicene Creed to affirm our inclusion in Christ.

Colin Symes: Fulness of the Spirit

Colin looks at the impact of the outpouring of the Spirit, first on the nascent church, then through the last few centuries since Edward Irving preached on the ‘baptism in the Spirit’, with examples from his own experience.

David Hewitt: The Trinity at Pentecost!

David revisits the importance of a Trinitarian understanding of our INCLUSION, and reflects on the Person of the Holy Spirit on this fiftieth day after Passover.

Allan & Lizzie Cox

Lizzie shares some great insights on God’s love and enduring prophetic word over our lives, with encouragement for Wellsprings. Allan adds some understanding on ‘integrity’. Apologies for the poor audio quality: a new system is coming soon!

David Hewitt: Isaiah part 4

At the beginning of Easter week David considers the amazing statements in Isaiah 53 (in the Passion translation), and the involvement of the Trinity in our rescue. It was for the joy set before Him that Christ went to the Cross….!

Rupert Ward: Unanswered Prayer

Rupert tackles this challenging subject with great insight and sensitivity, looking at some basic theological foundations and then Paul’s experience in 2 Cor 12. He then offers an approach to prayer, trusting in a God who is good and will never leave us. (audio quality inferior)

Marjory Morrow: Meditation

Marjory gives a background to Christian meditation and refers to Psalm 103. She reads a beautiful meditation over everyone: find a comfortable spot, sit back and listen!

David Hewitt: Isaiah part 3

David moves on to Isaiah Chapter 52, considering the context for Israel and the implications of the message for us. He then looks at the first three verses of the Servant Song, that speaks of the coming Messiah 700 years before Christ!

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