Recent Talks

Matt Spinks: The work is finished

Matt Spinks from Fort Wayne, Indiana, leads Kainos Koinonia, encouraging the development of church communities among those who major on Grace. Loving the freedom of the Spirit, he reminds us of the basic Gospel truths of the Finished work of Christ.

David Hewitt: The Beautiful Gospel

Following on from recent talks, David shares how the Apostle Paul encouraged the Thessalonian church with the “Beautiful Gospel” in the face of contradictions and persecution. He quotes from the Mirror Bible paraphrase and illustrates it with a diagram on a white board, showing how this is relevant to us today!

Andre Rabe: Chaos and beauty

Andre Rabe recaps and completes something he began the day before in an event called The Possibility of Greater Beauty. Mary-Anne rounds it off with two of her lovely songs.

David Hewitt: Sustained by Life!

David recaps on the previous week’s quote from Brother Lawrence, and then refers to a stained glass window by Roger Wagner in Iffley Church, near Oxford, called ‘The Flowering Tree’ (showing PowerPoint images) – the irresistible, sacrificial love of God for us! He refers to Numbers 21 and John 3:13-16.

Paul & Grace Golf: Inexpressible joy! (Sunday gathering)

Join us for our Sunday gathering, with free-flowing worship (including input from Grace), with teaching by Paul Golf on 1 Pet 1:8 ‘Though you have not seen him you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy.’ This is followed by a ‘Celtic […]

Paul Golf: The Prophetic Realm of the Trinity (3)

Paul Golf opens this final session for the day conference with a time of ‘activation’, then looks at what we learn from the Celtic church (finishing the day with some more Q&A on a separate recording).

Paul Golf: The Prophetic Realm of the Trinity (2)

Paul Golf: The Prophetic Realm of the Trinity (1)

Paul Golf from Bristol gives an introduction to where we have got to with regard to the prophetic ministry in this first session from a day conference (recorded from Zoom)

Paul Golf: The Prophetic Realm of the Trinity (3) (Q&A)

Paul rounds off the day with a stimulating Q&A (or ‘Question and Response’) session

David Hewitt: The eternal Cross

David builds on the prophetic encouragements shared last weekend, at the start of 2022, and looks at how the effects of the Cross are eternally NOW …. as we live in Christ. He draws a diagram to illustrate this and invites comments from the Community.

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