Recent Talks

Maggie Hewitt: Jesus and the Undoing of Adam

Maggie shares her delight in reading Dr Baxter Kruger’s book ‘Jesus and the Undoing of Adam’ (Perichoresis Press) and reads excerpts from pages 15-21. Her passion is infectious! It is followed by a time of contemplation.

David Hewitt: A Climate of Hope, Psalm 46

David addresses the issues of Climate Change in the light of the forthcoming CoP26 UN climate conference in Glasgow, introducing a month of preparation, considering these important issues ‘through the lens of Christ.’ He uses Psalm 46 as a basis for our theology of HOPE in the midst of crisis.

Worship Sunday 3 October

Free flowing worship recorded on Zoom….raw, straight from the heart, as David & Tjits Powell play and sing in our gathering

Marjory Morrow: Living life to the full (preceded by worship)

Another Zoom recording from a Sunday gathering, this time Chris & Hazel Hewitt lead some worship and Marjory Morrow shares from her recent journey with living in God’s fulness, ending with a meditation.

David Hewitt: Galations 2v20 (preceded by worship)

Zoom recording of a recent Sunday gathering, with worship led by Marjory Morrow and an exploration of Galations 2:20 by David Hewitt, ending with Godfrey Birtill’s song ‘Two Thousand Years Ago we bled into one.’

‘Healing in your wings’ and sharing insights on prayer

An extract from the worship on Sunday 15th August which moved into a whole sequence around ‘Healing in your wings’ …. allow this to wash over you and receive from Jesus (musicians Marjory Morrow and Matthew Olson). This was followed by some thoughts on prayer from the community, coming out of recent teaching.

David Hewitt: Still in Romans 8

David is camping out in this amazing chapter, and shares some insights on prayer

Worship from 8th August

Free flowing worship led by David & Tjits Powell in one of our Sunday afternoon gatherings, with Michalena playing flute (quality limited to Zoom recording, but it gives a flavour of Wellsprings worship….)

David Hewitt: Romans 8v18-30 A Glorious Destiny

A short read through of Romans 8 v18-30 looking at our place now IN Christ

David Hewitt: The amazing letter to the Colossians!

David reviews the recent readings of Ch 1 & 2 of Colossians, summarising the amazing message of our inclusion as developed in Colossians Ch 3.

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